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A country of around 4.5 million people divided into 16 indigenous ethnic groups, Liberia has, in recent years, faced political upheaval, civil war, and disease. It remains one of the world’s poorest countries, relying heavily on foreign aid and natural exports.

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Creating a Ripple in Liberia

In Liberia, Water of Life partners with two groups, allowing us to exponentially impact the area for long-term change and revival. Through Dennis Aggrey with the Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA) and with funding from The Last Well, we are able to build the trust to reach the villages with the love of Christ in their own languages, with a goal to take the Gospel to every village in Liberia by the year 2020. Together, we have currently completed Bomi County and are systematically moving our drill rigs and team of pastors throughout the country, marking significant change for the country.

  1. In 2013,



    were given fresh water and the message of Christ through 57 brand new wells and 26 rehabbed or repaired wells.

  2. In 2014,



    were reached by the love of Christ by receiving 93 brand new wells in 56 additional villages.

  3. In 2015,



    were reached when a third drill rig team was added allowing Water of Life to share the Gospel through 161 water well projects.

  4. in 2016,



    were given fresh water when Water of Life drilled 151 wells and rehabbed 21 wells that served an additional 37,578 people.

Lofa County

Completing a District

Water of Life realized that we may not be able to meet the needs of all Liberians who are waiting for clean water in the near future, but we can meet the needs of a county. It's that mentality, and a little trial and error over the years, that's leading Water of Life to consolidate and focus our well drilling efforts into one county until it's complete. We won't leave until every man, woman, and child has reliable access to clean water and has experienced God's love for themselves through this gift. Here's where we're working now:

Lofa County, Liberia

*Population of 277,000
*3800 square miles
*High religious tensions between groups including ethnic Mandingos who are Muslim and ethnic Lormas, Kisii, and Gbandi who are mixed religions

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Partnerwith Water of Life

There are many ways to partner with Water of Life to provide clean water to the unreached nations of the world. From monthly giving to championing a village fundraiser, we encourage you to invest in our work across the globe, and experience the joy of providing clean water to those most in need.

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