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Giving Clean Water Sharing God's Love One Village at a Time

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We dig wells, but we provide far more than clean water.

Water of Life gives a mother the ability to keep her children healthy, away from disease-ridden water that contaminates and pollutes.
As a water charity, we give a daughter the chance to go to school instead of walking for miles, wasting hours each day to provide water for her family.
We give a son the freedom to dream—and to learn a trade that will help prosper his village.
We give a father a sense of dignity, pride, purpose, and an employment opportunity.
We give them all the chance to know God and his love for them.

For everyone we serve ... for everyone we touch...Water isn’t just a part of life. Water IS life.
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    We don’t simply provide clean water to those most in need, although that is a vital part of what we do through Water of Life. In actuality, our ministry does far more: We build opportunities for education, employment, and spiritual development to those in villages in Africa and India.

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  • Clean Water

    Dirty water is a big problem around the world, and Water of Life is working hard to solve it. By giving clean water, we don't just change lives - we transform entire communities making an impact that lasts for generations to come.

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  • Employment

    Water of Life is committed to bringing clean water to communities around the world with the people who know the areas best - indigenous work crews. Our unique model includes empowering men in local villages to help drill, service, and maintain the wells.

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  • Education

    Education is not a priority when it is necessary for children to walk miles daily to collect contaminated water from area rivers for their families. By giving fresh water, children again have the time to attend school and dream about their future.

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  • Health & Safety

    6-8 million people die annually in developing nations by diseases found in unsafe water, and the hardest hit by these illnesses are often children. Giving clean water through Water of Life disrupts these statistics.

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  • God’s Love

    Giving clean water isn't simply the answer to the dirty water problem, but drilling new water wells opens the door to share God's love in unreached villages around the world.

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Who says kids can't change the world? #CrowdsourcingKids is what happens when 50 children combine their efforts to fully fund a well­-drilling project in India, completely changing the lives of hundreds of people! Our third round of kits have launched now so click the link below to learn more!

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Partnerwith Water of Life

There are many ways to partner with Water of Life to provide clean water to the unreached nations of the world. From monthly giving to championing a village fundraiser, we encourage you to invest in our work across the globe, and experience the joy of providing clean water to those most in need.

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Water of Life and Set Free Alliance are joining forces! Learn more below or email us at [email protected]
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