Water’s Impact

The Dirty Water Problem

It’s a gift that so many of us take for granted, but access to clean water is something that around 663 million people across the world don’t have. For these people, disease and lack of access don’t just alter lives, they can create larger issues for the communities at large—from death and sickness to lack of employment and education.

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Water Facts

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 663 million people across the globe who do not have access to clean water. What’s more: six to eight million people a year in developing nations will die from preventable water-borne diseases—with the majority of these being children.

Women and children in these nations are charged with the task of collecting water multiple times a day from sources a long way from home. These water sources used to collect drinking water are often streams, ponds, and creeks that are also the same water sources used for laundry, bathroom facilities, and by wild animals. Women don't have the time to care for their families or start a business. Children have to step in if their mothers are unable to collect enough water for the family causing them to miss school. In both cases, the physical challenge of carrying over 40 pounds of water for miles can be too much for nutritionally-deprived bodies.

  1. FACT 1

    748 MIL.


    people around the world lack access to a clean water source.

  2. FACT 2



    is the average distance an African woman walks to find water to carry home to her family.

  3. FACT 3

    6-8 Mil.


    are killed annually in developing nations by diseases found in unsafe water.

  4. FACT 4



    The average American consumes upwards of 100 gallons of water each day.

  5. FACT 5



    The average African family uses 5 gallons a day.

  6. FACT 6



    A 5 gallon bucket of water that is carried home weighs more than 40 pounds.

When we say beyond the well, it’s because

our work truly goes beyond the well,

establishing a ripple effect that is part of our foundational core beliefs.

Providing access to clean water for every human across the globe is a monumental goal, and there are many organizations working to do so.
While each is necessary, Water of Life is very different than most, for five specific core principles we’re committed to protecting on every single project.

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