A Merry 24 Village

Christmas Challenge

Christmas could not come at a better time in the calendar year. As the days get darker and colder, we Christians are called to shine more brightly. We light candles. We decorate homes and trees with lights. We give generously. This year, make your gift really count by reaching 24 villages with clean water and the hope of Christ for Christmas.


Reach 24 Villages for Christmas

For over five years, God has used Water of Life’s water wells to open doors for our pastor partners in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and India. Because of donor support, the gift of clean water has paved the way for thousands of churches to be planted and millions of people to become disciples of Christ. That’s incredible! As we come to the end of this year, we are celebrating all that God has done through Water of Life around the world. But we also know there’s a lot of work that’s still to be done. You can help us complete it.

As we move into 2018, Water of Life is taking a systematic approach in all three counties, focusing our work into one district at a time. We’ll complete assessments of the districts chosen – Lofa County in Liberia, Kambia District in Sierra Leone, and Prakasam in India. Do villages have reliable access to safe water? Is there a church serving the community? We’ll compile the data. And little by little, we’ll drill wells and our pastor partners will plant churches until the entire district is complete.

We know we can complete a district because we’ve done it. Last June, Water of Life completed our work in Bomi County, Liberia. And what we found was having a concentrated effort in one district worked really, really well. Instead of taking our crews, machinery, and supplies all around the country – we could stay in one area. This made us much more efficient in both travel time and fuel costs. The drill crews and pastor partners could work together to ensure that the village had the tools and training to maintain their wells. Our pastor partners also saw an added benefit. Word-of-mouth moves quickly in villages. When a village heard about Jesus because a crew came to drill a well for them, they were quick to tell others. Evangelism became easier for our pastor partners. They met less resistance within the villages AND now had a growing network of pastors to support each other because the church plants were closer together.

The benefits of this concentrated plan are numerous, but it is not without its challenges. To bring clean water and the love of Christ to the over 4 million people living in the 3 districts, our pastor partners’ church planting and our well drilling is going to need to increase significantly. This rapid growth on both fronts will only be made possible in part by your support.

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Water of Life and Set Free Alliance are joining forces! Learn more below or email us at [email protected]
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