Every Drop Matters

Who We Serve

Through our work in three countries, and many outlying areas surrounding them, we are able to provide clean water and renewed hope to thousands of people in West Africa and India every year. By partnering with local pastors and community leaders, we are not only able to influence these communities, but we are able to help create lasting change in a number of ways that are supported by the locals themselves. And by providing the Gospel to each community, and connecting new believers with their supporting Christian networks, we can further the kingdom of God with every drop of water.

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The Countries We Serve

Water of Life serves three countries who desperately need clean water to survive and thrive. Through our initiatives, we are happy to install fresh water wells in the countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and India.

When we say beyond the well, it’s because

our work truly goes beyond the well,

establishing a ripple effect that is part of our foundational core beliefs.

Providing access to clean water for every human across the globe is a monumental goal, and there are many organizations working to do so.
While each is necessary, Water of Life is very different than most, for five specific core principles we’re committed to protecting on every single project.

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Water of Life and Set Free Alliance are joining forces! Learn more below or email us at [email protected]
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