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With almost 1.2 billion citizens, India is the second most populous country in the world. However, India has one of the highest poverty rates in the world, with over 21 percent of the population making less than the equivalent of $1.25 per day.

But the largest challenges for India lie in its inherent caste system—a remnant of Hindu culture that divides people into four castes. These castes determine everything—where a person lives, where they worship, schools they can attend, who they can marry, who they can associate with, and what jobs they can hold. At the very bottom, beneath the very caste system itself, are the Untouchables—people not even considered to be human—who are not allowed to hold jobs, worship in the Hindu temples, and are destined to live a life of absolute poverty.

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Creating a Ripple in India

In India, Water of Life supersedes this system, providing water and hope to the Untouchables. Through our partnership with Pastor Praveen and the Sylom Pastors League, we are able to tell them that there is one God who loves them, cares for them, and gave His life for them. In showing the love of Jesus, our Indian pastors reach villages with their own fresh water wells, where the gift of fresh water quickly opens the door to proclaim the name of Christ. In 2012, Pastor Praveen and the Sylom Pastors League baptized more than 15,000 Indians.

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    followed Christ’s example and were baptized Easter weekend.


Completing Prakasam District

Water of Life realized that we may not be able to meet the needs of all Indians who are waiting for clean water in the near future, but we can meet the needs of a district. It's that mentality, and a little trial and error over the years, that's leading Water of Life to consolidate and focus our well drilling efforts into one district until it's complete. We won't leave until every man, woman, and child has reliable access to clean water and has experienced God's love for themselves through this gift. Here's where we're working now:

Prakasam, India

*Population of 3.5 million
*Slightly larger than the size of Connecticut
*One of 13 districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh

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Partnerwith Water of Life

There are many ways to partner with Water of Life to provide clean water to the unreached nations of the world. From monthly giving to championing a village fundraiser, we encourage you to invest in our work across the globe, and experience the joy of providing clean water to those most in need.

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