Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Life of a typical well?

    A well has a “lifespan” of over 25 years...but it’s really more like 50 to 100! With proper maintenance, our wells will continue providing clean, disease-free water for entire lifetimes of people living in these villages.

  • How many people do you help a year?

    Water of Life has continued to increase the number of wells we drill each year. Since 2012, our efforts have provided clean water and the love of Jesus to over one million people! We are consistently reaching over 300,000 people each year with fresh water wells that are easily accessible to the community.

  • How many wells do you drill in a year?

    We drill an average of 325 wells each year in our three countries, combined. Currently, Water of Life is drilling an average of 13 wells per month in Liberia and 12 wells per month in India. We drill five wells per month in Sierra Leone and, with a new goal of funding a second drill rig, we hope to double that number to 10 per month by 2018.

  • How much does a well cost?

    One well costs $3,500. This includes all materials to drill each well, including shipping and duty fees and overhead.

  • How did you pick India and West Africa?

    We don’t pick. We believe that’s God’s job. Roland was lead to Liberia way back in 2004 and then into the neighboring country of Sierra Leone in 2010. As God was expanding the awareness of Water of Life, Pastor Praveen contacted Roland through Facebook, of all things! After many months of exchanging emails, Roland truly felt God was laying the groundwork for Water of LIfe to begin drilling in India. So, as long as we are hearing from Him and He is leading us, we will go where He calls.

  • How do you keep the wells in working order once you have left?

    This is the great thing about our sustainable partnership model. Our full-time drilling crews are the “feet on the ground” in each country. The drillers provide instruction to the villagers so they know how to properly use and maintain their new well. Once the drilling crew leaves the site, the teams of pastors will continue to visit these villages to share the gospel and provide discipleship opportunities within the community. If there is any problem with a well, the pastors will relay that information back to our Water of Life drillers for maintenance and repairs. Because of this three-prong approach, the villagers always have someone to communicate with should they need parts or repairs for their well.

  • I’d like to go on a Mission Trip. How do I do this with Water of Life?

    We would love to discuss our “Digging Deeper” missions trip program with you! Just call or email [email protected] for more information on how our program works.

  • How can I help?

    Be an advocate! The best way for you to help Water of Life is to raise funds that allow us to continue our work. No, fundraising may not be as intriguing as a trip to a village, but it is critical to keep us going! By engaging in fundraisers with your church, your family and your friends, you help us grow and reach more people with the gifts of clean water and the love of Jesus. Start a fundraiser.

  • Are there any projects planned for other countries?

    Not at this time, but we don’t believe it is up to us where to go next. We do our very best to listen to the calling of God and respond to His leading because He knows where the need is greatest.

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